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Google Classroom Steps:




     1. Copy class code below.


     2.  Have your child sign into their district given google account. 


             Email:  last name first initial last 3 digits of student ID (lunch number) 


    Example: McGilicuttyl752


             Password:  first initial last initial 123456  Example: LM123456


      3. Go to or Classroom in the Google Apps


      4. Click the + sign in the top right corner and click on "Join class"     


      5. Paste the code into the box then click join.



     Library Class Codes



Collins  y63ocyg

Cortellessa  ejjgktm

Culmone  4jpwsg3

Ebert  qrqnhcd

Kaenzig  kakhiay

Lee  djzjmmo

Lucia  l2ob5vt

McCreesh  iboiq7s

Mortara  im5lhqe

Newhall  hjvnvnj

Schwegman  g75336n

Sepulveda  i3q4rtd

Straup  phxy42g


First Grade:

Buganski  4zk75zf

Foster  7hbls6y

King  hbtdfdx

Nale  4bhbbfy

Ogborn  li2xalz


Sheeran  5vdt5gl

Speigel  yfn7s5g

Stuhltragher  cqdhg72

Urban  ov5ijtu

Webster  qrnpndz

Widas  vpryude

Willson  wzdplko