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Google Classroom Steps:




     1. Copy class code below.


     2.  Have your child sign into their district given google account. 


             Email:  last name first initial last 3 digits of student ID (lunch number) 


    Example: McGilicuttyl752


             Password:  first initial last initial 123456  Example: LM123456


      3. Go to or Classroom in the Google Apps


      4. Click the + sign in the top right corner and click on "Join class"     


      5. Paste the code into the box then click join.



     Library Class Codes:


Kindergarten Library: lvsauua


First Grade Library: cah5jal


Second Grade Library: 67h5mqw



New Library Google Classrooms


for Swift’s Third Grade Students! 




 Please find your teacher’s name


and sign up for your library classroom with the code provided below.


We will be using these new Google classrooms


beginning the week of September 21st.  




Mrs. Barr  4na7kqi



Mrs. Cochrane   jren3qq



Mrs. Grimes   odnqty5



Mrs. McGowan  2tne3ug



Mrs. Smith  tlqwlkc