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Google Classroom Steps:




     1. Copy class code below.


     2.  Have your child sign into their district given google account. 


             Email:  last name first initial last 3 digits of student ID (lunch number) 


    Example: McGilicuttyl752


             Password:  first initial last initial 123456  Example: LM123456


      3. Go to or Classroom in the Google Apps


      4. Click the + sign in the top right corner and click on "Join class"     


      5. Paste the code into the box then click join.



     Library Class Codes:


Kindergarten Library: lvsauua


First Grade Library: cah5jal


Second Grade Library: 67h5mqw



Third Grade Library By Class: 



 Mrs. Barr  4na7kqi



Mrs. Cochrane   jren3qq



Mrs. Grimes   odnqty5



Mrs. McGowan  2tne3ug



Mrs. Smith  tlqwlkc