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Dr. Raquel Martin explains in 1 minute how to use coping skills:
Her Podcast is called Mind Your Mental
3 simple remedies for a stressed mind:
Free relaxation apps for your smartphone or tablet:
10 minute guided meditation: 
Mindfulness exercises for children (and adults, too!): 
Deep breathing exercise: 
More deep breathing exercises:
Free apps with meditations and guided visualizations: Insight Timer
 More Apps to check out:
  • Anxiety Coach (Mayo Clinic): This inexpensive IOS self-help app helps you master your anxiety by teaching you about anxiety and its treatment. It will then guide you through real-life activities that you may be avoiding because they make you fearful.
  • Mood Kit: Currently available in IOS only (an android version is in beta testing), this simple and effective app was developed by two psychologists. It includes four integrated tools to help you engage in mood-enhancing activities, identify and change unhealthy thinking, rate and chart your mood and create journal entries.
  • Mindshift CBT- Anxiety Canada: Currently available for IOS and iPad only (and free).  Full of great scientifically based anxiety tools ((includes guided meditations, anxiety check-ins, help to adjust your thinking and tools to help you when you need the help fast)

Relaxation and Meditation:  Research supports the use of daily meditation or mindfulness exercises in reducing anxiety and depression (Hoffman et al 2010).

  • Simply Being – Guided Meditation: With this affordable app, users can customize several features, such as length of the meditation (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes), the type of sounds (if any) in the background. Good for beginners or those more experienced in meditating.
  • Headspace Guided Meditation: The free version of this app offers an introductory course in meditation. If you choose to become a subscriber, you will gain access to a large variety of meditations and courses, including mini meditation sessions.
  • Breathe2Relax: This free app helps users learn the anxiety management skill of diaphragmatic breathing. The user can customize background images and sounds as well as the pace of each inhalation and exhalation while developing the skill of gradually lengthening the breath.
  • Relax App: Combining relaxing music and animation, this simple app is a favorite of most of my patients. Users guide a star flow by moving their fingers across the screen. Patterns change depending on how many fingers you use (user tip: upgrade to the paid version for $1.99 to eliminate intrusive advertisements).