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Parent Website Resources:


Please preview these websites prior to sharing with your child. 


                    Washington Twp. Public Library          


                    Washington Township Schools            

                    National PTA                                      

                    Keep Your Kids Safe Online               




                                                                                                                  Apps to Watch Out For



                     Prevent Cyber-Bullying                       


                    Translate Your Kid’s Cyber language   


                    National Assoc. of School Psychologists 


                     Strategies for Anxious Children                      

9 Things to try when your child is anxious

     How To Cope with Anxiety


 How to reframe anxiety and build resilience in ALL children


                     LVMS School Counselor Twitter Page


Internet Safety Guide


                     List of strategies to make afternoon/evening go smoother at home:

Aha Parenting


How to help your child reset after a bad day (without fixing it for them!):


The Most Overlooked Reason Why Kids Won't Listen: