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Activities at LVMS



 October Weeks: 






On Monday, students and staff wore BLUE to show support for "WORLD BULLYING PREVENTION DAY" and to STOMP OUT BULLYING!   





For the Week of Respect, our daily morning announcements included a greeting spoken in a different languages by a student volunteer showing respect for the diversity we have in our school building.  


On Friday, we had a theme day in which students and staff were encouraged to wear mismatched clothes to school to show that they "Appreciate the differences in people".







Throughout the week,  various teachers will take part in sharing the message of tolerance during morning announcements.   Please see updated Technology letter to parents promoting awareness of social networking websites.   On Monday, students and staff wear PURPLE in support of violence prevention.  


*New apps and social media updates happen all the time!  Since Violence Awareness week, we learned about a feature in Snap Chat, called Snap Map.  It allows people to share their location via the location tracker on the phone (not just when they choose to "check in" somewhere).  This is a concern for many reasons, the first being safety, especially when a "friend" on social media could mean anything from a real-life bestie to a stranger.  Another concern is now a social one; not only was your child perhaps not invited out on a Saturday afternoon, but now they can see that all their friends are at one person's house and they were not included.  Each person has the choice to either share their location to all, to only a few, or to remain private in Ghost Mode.  However, even if they are in Ghost Mode, they can still see others' locations. 

The app goes one step further than just showing where the child's [exact] location is (it gives street names and addresses), it also can virtually show what they are actually doing. A Bitmoji is selected by Snapchat to represent what the user is doing. If they are at a concert or listening to music, the Bitmoji might have headphones on. If they are at the gym or exercising, their Bitmoji might have exercise clothes and sneakers. If they are asleep, it shows them with little zzz’s or in a bed. There’s also a function called Map Explore that allows you to scroll through the map to see where your friends are headed. These updates are generated by Snapchat users moving around rather than typing in their locations. You can actually watch as your friend moves from one place to another.








Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for the community and LVMS students to take a stand and make a commitment to live drug free lives. Students will have the chance to participate in dress up days aimed at creating awareness while having some fun!





Themes for the week: 




Pledge to be drug free!                            Wear RED to kick off Red Ribbon Week.




Too bright for drugs!                               Wear brightly colored and neon clothing.



 Team up against drugs!                          Wear blue and gold (school colors) or sports team apparel.



 Put drugs to bed!                                     Wear pajama clothing to school




Superhero Day!                                Wear your Superhero gear, and use your POWER to say NO to                                                                                                      Drugs! 


 (Remember—no masks, face paint, or inappropriate props.)




Superhero Day


 Every November, we have our College Gear Day on the day before our Thanksgiving Break:








In December, our students create Holiday Mealtime Greetings!

These cards are given to the residents at Heath Village in Hackettstown...

Thank you to our Wonderful students! 


January: "You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny"




February at LVMS: "Spread the Love" 




Random Acts of Kindness Week at LVMS



Making Caring Common (MCC), a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, researches and develops effective strategies for promoting kindness and caring in our youth.   Here are five strategies researchers at MCC suggest will encourage kindness in youth:


  1. Make caring for others a priority.  “Children need to learn to balance their needs with the needs of others.  Children need to hear from parents that caring for others is a top priority.”
  2. Provide opportunities for children to practice caring and gratitude.  “Daily repetition – whether it’s helping a friend with homework, pitching in around the house, or having a classroom job – make caring second nature and develop and hone youth’s caregiving capacities.”
  3. Expand your child’s circle of concern.  “Children need to learn to zoom in, by listening closely and attending to those in their immediate circle, and to zoom out, by taking in the big picture and considering the many perspectives of the people they interact with daily, including those who are vulnerable.”
  4. Be a strong moral role model and mentor.  “For our children to respect and trust us, we need to acknowledge our mistakes and flaws.  We also need to respect children’s thinking and listen to their perspectives, demonstrating to them how we want them to engage others.”
  5. Guide children in managing destructive feelings.  We should “teach children that all feelings are okay, but some ways of dealing with them are not helpful. Children need our help learning to cope with these feelings in productive ways.”


This information and additional information on this topic can be found at www.


Camfel Assemblies: Students learn about the importance of making good, healthy decisions, and are empowered to reach their goals.  




 March: Purple Day

Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide.  On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. Last year, people in dozens of countries on all continents including Antarctica participated in Purple Day!


Student Of the Month Pizza Party










Spring Into Service 2018-2019


We raised $225.29 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital through our Stick It To Cancer fundraising event!


Thanks for your generosity, LVMS students and staff, and thanks to Mr. Ference and Ms. Miller for allowing us to tape you to the wall for a worthy cause!





Spring Into Service 2017-2018


For this year's Spring Into Service initiative, we raised money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and raised $574.25!!!!!!


We held a fundraiser on June 15th called Stick It To Cancer.


Thank you to Mr. Ippolito and Mrs. McElwaine for letting us duct tape you to the wall for a great cause!








2016-17 School Year 



During the lunch waves, on May 19th We held a "STICK IT TO CANCER" Fundraiser!

It was a success!

THANK YOU LVMS Students for raising $167.25

Also a HUGE Thank you to

Mr. Mohre & Mrs. Schweitzer!!  


 Students were able to purchase a strip of duct tape,

 2 for $1.00



MAY 15th - June 2nd 

For the 2016-2017 school year's “Spring Into Service”, we raised a total of


This fundraiser went to the

Pennies for Patients initiative to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 


 Image result for pennies for patients