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FEV One on One online Tutoring

   Available beginning August 3, 2021


   NCS Family info about FEV tutor.pdf 

   FEV Tutor Videos: These videos are screencasts and are useful for students, parents, and teachers to review. They demonstrate various aspects of the platform, how to share content with your tutors, and the various communication options available. The final link is a direct link to our FEV Help Site, which answers common

   FAQs and includes several other videos.

            Viewing Schedules & Booking Sessions in your dashboard:


            Learning Style & Communication Options:           


            How to Use Whiteboard Tools & Share Content with Tutors:


            Overview of Student Dashboard Features:


             Preparing forFEV Tutor - How to Access the Practice White Board:

             FEV Tutor Help Site:



Please guide student through the following steps to join their tutoring sessions: 
· Go to Clever account and click on the FEV Tutor app
· Once you in the FEV student Dashboard, there will be a Red button at the top of the screen that says, "Join session now"
Or student can also log in using the below information.
1. Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 
2. Go to and log in with the username and password.
3. Click the Join now tab on the dashboard. 
Note: A quick system check will help make sure all computers are ready to go for tutoring. Click here to run a system check and view the recommended system requirements.
Some helpful information for students:
· The tutoring is chat-based. Students will work with their tutors on a shared whiteboard and communicate through chat. Tutors will give an introduction to the whiteboard tools in the first session.
· Using text-to-speech, students can listen to their computers read what their tutors are typing.
· If computers are equipped with microphones, or students have headsets, the student-side microphone can be activated to allow them to speak to their tutors.
To learn about FEV Tutor’s Learning Style Options for your students, Click here
To view a brief video on getting started with FEV Tutor, Click here.
If you have any questions or need any additional support, email us at [email protected] or call (855)763-2607.