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Spring 2019 NJSLA Scores were mailed in September

Spring 2019 NJSLAScore BOE presentation - October 28, 2019

 FINAL NCS NJSLA & ACCESS Spring 2019 BOE Presentation.pdf 





 As new information is learned it will be posted...the NJDOE still has the following resources posted.



Family Guide to State Test Scores.pdf 


PARCC - Parent Score Report - ELA.pdf 

PARCC - Parent Score Report - Math.pdf 




Understanding your child's PARCC score


Parent Checklist


NJDOE Guide to Parent & Teacher PARCC Conversations.pdf

NJDOE Information fo Parents.pdf


NJSLA Science Information:

Grade 5

Grade 8


How is the NJSLA test scored?

  • First, each student is assigned an identification number.
  • Student answers are then separated and sorted question-by-question and sent to the scorers that have been trained and qualified to score that particular question. This maintains student anonymity and allows scorers to become experts in scoring one question at a time.
  • Scorers work out of more than a dozen scoring centers across the country, and from their homes. There are strict procedures in place to protect test security.
  • Scorers assign points to each answer. Depending on the question, up to six points could be available.   
  • Each scorer has a binder for each question with the scoring rubric and examples of pre-scored answers that they can use to compare their scoring against the guide that was prepared by educators.
  • To ensure that scorers are maintaining accuracy standards throughout the scoring process, scorers will routinely be given pre-scored answers along with unscored answers.  A scorer’s evaluations must match the “true” scores at least 70 percent of the time.
  • When a scorer’s accuracy declines, they receive additional training on the test question. If a scorer cannot maintain consistency and accuracy, their previous scores are all put back into the system for re-scoring.