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Info for Summer 2022

We will have our in-person Math & ELA summer learning program again this year!

July 11 - August 18, 2022

Mon - Thurs

8:30 - 11:30 am

Sign up will be available in mid May - there will be an email blast


SUMMER 2021 Programs


Please see this informational letter sent home in June about the different summer programs offered.

summer program letter for families 2021.pdf 


Please see the presentation slides from the June BOE meeting summarizing summer programs.


The CST Extended School Year (invite only) and

the Summer Academic Program registrations are closed and at maximum capacity.


Edgenuity Online program

   For students entering grades 1 - 8

   Self paced, completed independently, customized to your child's Spring 2021 MAP scores. 


   Log in information:

   Students entering grades 1 - 5

   For MyPath K-5:


   Students entering grades 6 - 8

   For MyPath 6-12 Students:


   Username is your child's school email address (example [email protected])

   Password is your child's first initial and last initial lunch code first initial last initail 

      (example for Janice Dye is jd9999jd)


FEV One on One online Tutoring

   Available August 4th

   Login information will be posted here when it is accessible.

   NCS Family info about FEV tutor.pdf 

   FEV Tutor Videos: These videos are screencasts and are useful for students, parents, and teachers to review. They demonstrate various aspects of the platform, how to share content with your tutors, and the various communication options available. The final link is a direct link to our FEV Help Site, which answers common

   FAQs and includes several other videos.

            Viewing Schedules & Booing Sessions in your dashboard:


            Learning Style & Communication Options:           


            How to Use Whiteboard Tools & Share Content with Tutors:


            Overview of Student Dashboard Features:


             Preparing forFEV Tutor - How to Access the Practice White Board:

             FEV Tutor Help Site: