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Upcoming 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Middle School Students 


June 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians, 


We would like to cultivate a love of reading in all of our students. To help foster a love for reading and to support our students over the summer, we are asking that each student complete a summer reading assignment. 


Students are encouraged to read an age-appropriate fiction or nonfiction narrative of their choice within their reading level. Students have several options for acquiring their summer reading book: students may purchase a text, borrow a text from the local library, or select an online free text with your permission.


In addition to reading a book on their reading level*, students will complete a personalized project pertaining to the book. This project will be derived from their own creativity. A few ideas or suggestions: a digital project such as an iMovie or Google slide presentation, a book report identifying elements of plot (rising action, problem, resolution), character analysis, art project, an epilogue, poem, book review or activities/creations related to the literary story elements (setting, theme…). The ideas are limitless. This assignment will be worth a classwork grade and is due on the first day of school. Presentations of projects will occur within the first few weeks of school.


A  resource of recommended text is posted below for students who may need assistance in choosing a book. A rubric of project expectation is also attached. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the curriculum office, (609) 407-4000 extension 8515. Thank you and happy reading!

Wishing you a wonderful and safe summer, 

Janice Dye

Director of Curriculum

Summer reading recommendations for those who may like assistance in choosing a title:

*Reading Level - books should be chosen upon your child’s interest and reading abilities. 

MAP score reports can provide information on your child’s reading level as well as local librarians who can assist your child choose a book appropriate for their grade level. 


To be counted as a classwork grade

Due the first day of school







The project portrays a deep understanding of book choice and includes plot, characters and setting

The project portrays an understanding of book choice. The project mentions plot, characters, and setting. More details could be included.


The project demonstrates some confusion about book of choice. Plot, characters, and setting may not be mentioned.

The project does not demonstrate an understanding of book of choice.


The project is organized, and well-thought out. Color is used when appropriate. Effort exceeds the standard. High level of creativity.

The project is somewhat organized, detailed, and well-thought out. Color may be used when appropriate. Effort/creativity meets the standard. 


The project may lack details and planning, and/or be disorganized. Color may not be included. More effort/creativity could have been put forth. 

The project is disorganized, perhaps rushed. Effort was not put into the project.

Conventions in Writing

Free of spelling and grammatical errors

Mostly free of spelling and grammatical errors

Contains many spelling and grammatical errors

Contains so many spelling and grammatical errors it is difficult to read


Oral Presentation

Spoke loudly and clearly, made eye contact, and had good pacing

Majority of time easy to hear and  follow, with adequate pacing


Minimal eye contact. At times difficult to understand, soft spoken

Not audible, unclear, difficult to follow, no eye contact


revised 6/13/19