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2018-2019 Fifth Grade Supply List



One - Red Homework folder (this one folder will be used for homework in all classes)


One - Fabric Pencil Pouch to be carried to all classes with the following supplies:    * see note below


          One - 3 pack of multi-colored highlighters


            Two - blue or black pens in pouch at all times


            One - red pen


            Four - #2 pencils at all times


            Two - erasers or pencil top erasers at all times


            One - dry erase marker (please avoid red if possible, it’s hard to erase)


            One - pair of ear buds (not headphones)


            One - glue stick at all times




One -  1 inch three–ring binder (no trapper keepers please)


One -  pack of three–ring pocket tab dividers (Label 2 Sections: Reading; Writing)


One -  pack of filler paper for binder (wide-ruled, 3-hole punched)


One -  marble composition notebook


[OPTIONAL-  one pack of 3” x 5” Index cards for studying]




One -  1/2 inch three-ring binder ( no trapper keepers please)   

One -  marble composition notebook ( no spiral notebooks please)




One -  1 inch three-ring binder (one binder for both classes - no trapper keepers please)


One -  pack of three–ring pocket tab dividers (will be labeled in class)


One -  pack of Index cards, 3”x 5”


One - pack of Post-It Notes, 3”x3”



One -  Green plastic folder


*Students can get a plastic pencil box to keep in their locker and they can store any extra items in it.   Extra pencils and erasers will be good to have so they can replenish frequently.