Welcome to

Miss Leach's 5th Grade ELA Class!


I am looking forward to a GREAT school year!


Please feel free to contact me

if you have any questions or concerns:




Students should be reading every night

to reach their goal for the 20 Book Challenge.

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Don't remember if you have ELA homework?

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For extra practice, you can work on the following skills on IXL:

Prefixes and Suffixes: (J.1-J.12)

Context Clues: (N.1-N.4)

Greek and Latin Roots: (K.1-K.7)

Descriptive & Figurative Language: (T.1- T.11)

Characters and Point of View: (U.1-U.4)

Reading Comprehension: (V.1-V.7)

Dialogue: (I.11)

Commas: (I.5)

Positive and Negative Connotation: (M.9)

Writing Arguments (Q.1-Q.2)

Organize Writing (P.1-P.3)

Common Errors (O.1-O.2)


Important Updates:

1. TWO Book Recommendations due by 1/26/18 on the shared Google Slide. 

Recommend two books to your classmates. Must include: Title, Author, Genre, brief reason for recommending. Picture is optional. (Don't forget your own name).