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Students should be reading every night

to reach their goal for the 20 Book Challenge.

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For extra practice, you can work on the following skills on IXL:

Prefixes and Suffixes: (J.1-J.12)

Context Clues: (N.1-N.4)

Greek and Latin Roots: (K.1-K.7)

Descriptive & Figurative Language: (T.1- T.11)

Characters and Point of View: (U.1-U.4)

Reading Comprehension: (V.1-V.7)

Dialogue: (I.11)

Commas: (I.5)

Positive and Negative Connotation: (M.9)

Writing Arguments (Q.1-Q.2)

Organize Writing (P.1-P.3)

Common Errors (O.1-O.2)







Scholastic Storyworks "Martin Contest"





Log onto storyworks.scholastic.com


Click “Sign In.”


Click “I’m a Student.”


Your classroom password is Leach5


Click Current Issue (February 2018)


Scroll down to Drama and you will see “I Have a Dream”. Click Read.




Essay Prompt


How did Martin’s experience with Clark and Wallace affect what he would do when he grew up? How did his parents affect him? Answer both questions in an essay.


*Counts as OPTIONAL extra credit for THIRD Marking Period.