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Mrs. Erica Morse

Ponchatoula High School

Spanish I & II

International Club Co-Sponsor (formerly Spanish Club & French Club)



Hello students and parents! I began learning Spanish my sophomore year in high school much like many of you! Learning a foreign language is important for self-growth; learning about other cultures helps us to better understand our own language and culture. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; mistakes are part of learning! Practice, practice, practice! If you need help, feel free to message me through OnCourse or send an email to I look forward to meeting you all! 


Online Learning: 

Expectations: For help with classwork, I ask that you log into your Chromebook during your designated class period so I can monitor your work and message you with assistance if I see errors. For quizzes and tests I expect you to show your face if you want the teacher-made tests/quizzes. No Zoom means you will receive the textbook-made tests/quizzes. The textbook-made tests/quizzes may include more questions than the teacher-made test because I am trying to discourage cheating. If you have time to use a translation app during an assessment, you haven't studied enough.


Monitoring: During your class period, I record how long you are on your Chromebooks. If you are not on your Chromebook, I am unable to help you with assignments. This recording is sent to my email so I can forward the information to parents/guardians about student activity.


I will be using OnCourse Connect for communication and providing assignments. Be sure to read my comments on your graded assignments. For each lesson, you should complete the work in the following order:

1. Google Slides: These are the notes for my class. Refer back to them as you complete assignments.

2. Google Doc: In OnCourse I call these "Graded Notebooks" or "Graded Classwork." These are assignments pulled from the textbook to ensure you are understanding the material. You may also check your answers in the online book by clicking the "Q" next to each question set before turning in your Graded Notebook/Classwork.

3. Quizzes/Tests: Quizzes and tests will be taken during your designated class period. If you miss it, see directions below under "Make Up Tests and Quizzes."


VIRTUAL STUDENTS: You MUST show your face during tests or quizzes. 


TEST DAYS: For test days (including virtual students), you will take your test during your designated class time according to your schedule in OnCourse Connect. See the times below for each class period. During this time, your laptops will be locked with GoGuardian to maintain academic integrity.


New Bell Schedule for the 2020-2021

Open Bell: 7:30

1st hour 7:37 – 8:30

2nd hour 8:35 - 9:25

3rd hour 9:30 – 10:20

4th hour 10:25 – 11:15


5th hour & lunch

❖ 1st lunch 11:15 - 11:45 Class 11:50 - 12:50

❖Class 11:20 – 11:50 2nd lunch 11:50 – 12:20 Class 12:20 - 12:50

❖ Class 11:20 – 12:20 Third lunch 12:20 – 12:50


6th hour 12:55 – 1:45

7th hour 1:50 – 2:42


MAKE UP TESTS & QUIZZES: If you need to makeup a test or quiz, please join this Zoom meeting from 8AM - 8:45AM.  I will be monitoring you while you are testing via Zoom and GoGuardian to maintain academic integrity.


Please be able to tell me which quiz or test you need to take.  I will have to open those on OnCourse while we are on Zoom.  I will open quizzes/tests as participants join the meeting.


Topic: Spanish Virtual Class
Time: Wednesdays, 8:00am-8:45am


Go to your messages in OnCourse Connect to find the Zoom Meeting Link.



Make Up Work:

1. No additional work will be provided. Complete the assignments in OnCourse Connect.

2. Quizzes may be taken at home. However, if you miss the window for taking the quiz, you must take the quiz in class on the designated make-up day at the end of the 6 weeks.

3. Tests will be taken in class unless you are virtual. Virtual students must log in to OnCourse Connect at their designated class period according to their school schedule in OnCourse Connect. See Bell Schedule image above.



How to Access the Avancemos Level 1 Textbook for Spanish 1:


2. Login: greenwave

3. Password: phsspanish

4. Click the yellow icon with an open book labelled “Student Edition.”


How to Access the Avancemos 2  Level 2 Textbook for Spanish 2 classes:


2. Login: greenwave

3. Password: phsspanish

4. Click the white drop down tab that reads "¡Avancemos! Level 1" at the upper right side. Change to "¡Avancemos! Level 2"

5. Click the yellow icon with an open book labelled “Student Edition.”


Accessing the Textbook’s Glossary:

Open the book

Click “Resources” on the left.

Change the drop down tab from “Resources” to “Tools.”

Click “Glossary” to open a new window with a glossary.



Classroom Rules:  


   1.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

   2.  Be seated in your assigned seat and prepared to work when the bell rings.

   3.  Bring all books and necessary materials to class.

   4.  Be respectful and courteous to others and their belongings.

   5.  Work diligently on the assigned task until you are dismissed.


Steps for Corrective Action:           


   1.  Reminder

   2.  A 15-minute detention at 7:15 in the morning  *Note: if you miss a 15-minute detention, you will receive a 30-minute detention.

   3.  A 30-minute detention at 7:00 in the morning  *Note: if you miss a 30-minute detention, you will be written up.

   4. Contact parent or guardian via email.

   5.  Referral to the office

  **Severe disruptions or behavior will be written up immediately and student will be sent to the office.




   Grading is cumulative and students will be assessed by the following methods:

   1.  Bellwork: Students are expected to complete bellwork each day upon entering the classroom and turn them in at the designated time.

   2.  Classwork/Homework: This will be collected periodically to ensure that the students are on-task. You will be allowed to make-up missed   assignments within the three school days (School Policy) with a valid excuse. Assignments will be posted in the Make-Up Planner. It is the students’ responsibility to get any missed assignments.

   3.  Tests/Quizzes: There will be quizzes and/or tests weekly. All tests and quizzes are comprehensive; students are responsible for learning and retaining information learned in class.

   4. Projects: You will have several projects each semester that are based on the material being taught at the time. Each project will have a visual and verbal component.

   5. Midterm/Final Exams:  Both the midterm and final will be comprehensive.