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                          MY GOOGLE  and  REMIND CODES  per CLASS PERIOD


          Google Classroom Codes                                 Remind Codes

                                                                                                                                       (On cell phone, first text [email protected].)


      1st Pd Spanish I Honors: ctzj73b                                         @ ck88k7


      2nd Pd Spanish II Honors: zj7qa5f                                  @ 236k44


      3rd Pd Spanish III Honors: 5ytzhnm                                @ 794df43


      4th Pd  PLANNING


      5th Pd Spanish II Regular: 6vxjfdk                                    @ kaa27h2


      6th Pd Spanish II Honors: pdfzedw                                   @ gg9ckh7


      7th Pd Spanish I Honors:  3c7tc3o                                    @ 2kk7hbkh                         





October 3-7

 I teach Spanish at all levels; please note exact level assignments!



Monday>Spanish I H: Showing possession with "de"/

                                      Review adjective def

                          Spanish II H: Vocab lists 1-4/One more practice

                                       with syllables/stress

                Spanish II R: Begin Geography of the Americas

                           Spanish III H: Forming present participles/

                                        Present Progressive Tense


Tuesday> Spanish I H: Testing Spanish Adjectives 1-40/

                                         DOTD parent letter

                 Spanish II H: Testing Stress and Syllables in Spanish Words!

                  Spanish II R: Continue geography study/

                                          DOTD parent letter

                  Spanish III H: Continued pres part practice/

                                          Pres Prog Tense and the reason to use it!


Wednesday> Spanish I H: Review DOTD project assigned?

                                            Practice with Showing Possession with "de"

                      Spanish II H: Review Stem-Changing Verbs

                       Spanish II R:Same as Tuesday!

                       Spanish III H: Same as Tuesday!



Thursday> Spanish I H:  More practice with Noun-Adj  Agreement and 

                                           Showing possession with "de"                         

                    Spanish II H: Same as Wednesday!

                   Spanish II R: Map practice with Western

                                          Hemisphere countries and capitals

                   Spanish III H:Testing Present Participles and

                                           forming Present Progressive Tense


 Friday> Spanish I H:  Testing Noun-Adjective Agreement and

                                      Showing possession with "de"

                Spanish II H: Conjugation test on Stem-Changers

               Spanish II R:  Countries and Capitals Test

               Spanish III H: Review Stem-Changers/Translation


                                                        OFFICE HOURS

Wednesdays, 11:00-11:30 AM 




New Classroom Location: Room 204 

Email:  [email protected] 

Classroom Phone: (318)323-2237 ext. 1276 





* 32nd year in the classroom  (10th @ Neville)

*National Spanish Honor Society

Two Children and EIGHT GRANDCHILDREN!!!!! 



¡Poco a Poco se va lejos!

Little by little you go far! 

                                                        (Even in Spanish!)