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I am happy to be teaching our seventh year of Book Chat, a unique special area program for our Kindergarteners. In addition to attending art, gym, library, and music once a week, each Kindergarten class will have a fifth special area. 


This academic program, called Book Chat, will focus on reading, language and social skill development.  Through this growing opportunity, we hope to encourage our students to engage in, interact with and relate to the literature we read. 


We will meet for 40 minutes each week to share various texts and chat about the books we read together.  Throughout the year, we will practice important speaking and listening skills as we read a variety of literary pieces including fictional stories, informational texts, poems and more.   


Overall, my goal is to support our young learners so that they will be able to understand and talk about the texts they read. 


I am happy to be leading our Book Chat classes and look forward to working with our Kindergarten students.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.


Mrs. Mills 

609.463.1900 ext. 1118