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                      Summer Reading Instructions



                Summer!  What a perfect time to relax and truly enjoy reading a good book at your leisure!  Please select two books of your choice for summer reading.  (Choose a book you may have wanted to read but did not have the chance to this past school year.)  It is requested that you complete this reading log while you are reading each book and have it finished by the first day of class in September.  Complete sentences are not required on this log as this is for your use. Neatness, however, is required.  You will be able to refer to these responses while writing about the book in the fall when you return as 7th graders.   Your options include many selections adored by students your age:  the Artemis Fowl series, the Percy Jackson series, The Red Pyramid, the  Hunger Games series, Stormbreaker, Found, Treasure Island, an Agatha Christie mystery for a challenge, Hatchet, Peak, Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath, Hoot, the Alex Rider series, Heat and others by Mike Lupica, The Greatest: Muhammad Ali, Slam, and others by Walter Dean Myers, Eragon and others by Christopher Paolini, The Hoopster, and FlippedI look forward to seeing you all next school year and talking with you about which books you enjoy most!



Name of Book: ___________________________________






Author: _________________________________________





Setting(s):  Describe where and when the story takes place.


Character(s):  List one to three main character(s) as you meet them in the book and describe each one.



































Events:  Identify at least four incidents that occur in the story (plot events) in order.



Problem(s):  Describe at least one major problem which occurs in the book.














Resolution:  Explain your own ending of the book.


Opinion:  What did you think of this book and why?  Is there anything you would or would not change?  How does this story compare to at least one other book you have read?

























Quotes:  Locate two quotes you found were powerful, funny, moving, emotional, or essential.  Copy them here and mention why you felt they were important.


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