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My Teaching Philosophy:



As an educator, I feel that it is my responsibility to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses to build upon their prior knowledge and skill set. In this process, a teacher should discover a student’s personal interests to develop a meaningful connection between what they are learning in the classroom and their experiences in real life.  Also, I believe that a teacher is a student’s strongest advocate and should constantly strive to provide that student with not only the best education, but to be a positive role-model and guiding force for that student.  Being an influential teacher helps a student grow; not only academically, but mentally and emotionally in life.



  • From Southern New Jersey, Mainland graduate

  • B.A. in English Lit Studies and Secondary Education from York College of PA

  • M.A. in Special Education from Rowan University

  • 8th year teaching at Fernwood Middle School

  • Husband is a science teacher at ACIT

  • Son is two and a half and keeps growing!




I am available for any extra help that is needed before school, during lunch, during my prep, and after school (just let me know beforehand).  Please feel free to contact me at 383-3355 ext. 2511 or at