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2019 - 2020
Mrs. Amanda Welch

6th Grade LRC ELA

Burgundy Pod - B115R



Moby Max Directions




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-Please complete the assigned lessons on Moby Max using the instructions below by signing into your school account.

Day 1


Moby Max - Choose Author’s Purpose


Complete lessons:


-Identify text structure of nonfiction text


-Analyze a text content to determine author’s purpose


-Analyse a text structure to determine author’s purpose


-Analyze supporting evidence in a text to determine author’s purpose


-Explain how an author’s purpose is revealed in a text





Moby Max - Choose Organization & Structure of Text


Complete lessons: 


-Use a table of contents to analyze structure and organization


-Explain the functions of introductions, conclusions, and supporting paragraphs


-Analyze paragraph structure


-Identify organizational structures


-Choose an appropriate organizational structure






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Note to Parents:

I hope you will partner with me to make this a successful year for your child.  One way that you can help is by motivating your child to work hard.  While I will be doing my best to motivate them in school, your involvement in this area can have a significant impact.  You know better than anyone what inspires your child.  Words of praise, encouragement, and support are very powerful tools.  Perhaps you can help them set some goals and agree on the benefits of accomplishing these goals.  Please let them know that their success in school does matter!


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