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Our Math Program is EnVisions Math. Our Math Block is a student centered, hands on exploration of the foundational concepts needed to succeed. We use manipulatives, work mats, dry erase boards, computer fact fluency programs, games, and EnVisions workbooks to help your child to explore and understand math concepts and apply these concepts to solve problems. We work together as a whole class, in small groups, and individually to meet kids where they are. I work hard to empower my students to take risks and make mistakes, without the fear of failure. We do not do a lot of "worksheets," but we do a LOT of Math! The best way that you can support your child is to help them master their basic addition and subtraction facts to 10 by practicing at home.


Topic 1: Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems

Topic 2: Developing Fluency with Addition and Subtractions Facts to 10.

Topic 3: Using Strategies to solve Addition Facts to 20.

Topic 4: Using Strategies to solve Subtraction Facts to 20.

Topic 5: Working with Addition and Subtraction Equations.

Topic 6: Representing and Interpreting Data.

Topic 7: Extending the Counting Sequence.

Topic 8: Understanding Place Value.

Topic 9: Comparing 2 Digit Numbers.

Topic 10: Using Strategies and Models to Add 10s and 1s.

Topic 11: Using Strategies and Models to Subtract 10s.

Topic 12: Measuring Lengths

Topic 13: Telling Time to the Hour and Half-Hour

Topic 14: Reasoning with Shapes and their Attributes.

Topic 15: Introduction of Fractions