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Grading Policy





I use a Total Points Grading System.


Every assignment, test, quiz and project will be assigned a certain number of points (The bottom number). The number of points earned by the student will be the top number.  Example: 48/50


Homework=5-10 points

Classwork=5-20 points

Projects=20-100 points

Quizzes=20-50 points

Tests=100 points



At the end of the trimester, the total points earned will be divided by the total possible points to determine the final grade. The average is then calculated and translated into the following grading system:

93-100  A  Outstanding
85-92   B   Very Good
76-84   C   Satisfactory
70-75   D   Needs Improvement


Students are responsible for recording assignments in their assignment pads or checking my online calendar and on Teams. All assignments must be handed in on or before the due date. In most cases, HW handed in the next day will be given partial credit. Following an absence, students should come see me to make arrangements for missed work. Please see the Student Handbook for important grading and homework information and policies.