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Mrs. Wyrovsky 

Middle School Religion 









Lessons are posted on my 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Religion Pages. Please check my website & Teams regularly for important announcements.











2019/2020 Supplies


  • 6th Grade: If your child plans on taking notes and doing assignments by hand s/he will need a 3-subject notebook or a binder divided into 3 sections. If your child plans on using his/her Surface for notes and assignments s/he will need a 1-subject notebook (or composition book) or 1-inch binder to use as a prayer journal. 

  • 7th/8th Grade: All 7th/8th graders will need a 1-inch binder for their weekly Gospel Reflections. For all other notes and assignments they can either use their Surfaces, a notebook, or binder. Please see above for recommendations.

  • All Students should come to class with a CHARGED Surface, notebook, pens/pencils, and their Breakthrough Bible. Students will not be permitted to go to their lockers for missing supplies once the bell has rung.

  • Tissue donations are greatly appreciated