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What you Need on the First Day


All student belongings should be labeled with their first and last names. Please include school fleeces, sweaters, lunch boxes and book bags.

*a 4x6 or 5x7 picture of your child. This will be displayed on a First Grade bulletin board. All photos will be returned at the end of the school year. 

*Students will have a sustained silent reading time each day. Student will be allowed to read a book of their choice at this time. Students may bring in a book from home to read. 

* Students should bring in all school supplies. Please label all supplies.


* Tuesday will be the first day students will have lunch. Students eat lunch in the cafeteria at 11:00. They may bring in lunch or pre-purchase  a lunch. Please remember you must set up a lunch account via the schools web site. Please remember this year is a cash free cafeteria. No cash will be accepted. Please check the school handbook  or school website for more information. 


* Starting Tuesday, students should bring an nut free snack and water. If your child has an allergy, please send in a note.  Please see lunch and snack procedures for more information.


* Please write your child’s normal dismissal method inside their red folder on the left hand side.  (Be sure to tape their bus pass is taped to the inside of their folder.) If they will be a car rider, please write that in the folder.  If your dismissal method alternates, write that.  For example: Bus rider M/W/F Car rider T/R.  Send in a note if there is a change of dismissal at any point during the year.  Please do not depend on your child to know the correct dismissal routes. Also, please do not e-mail dismissal changes. Either call the office or send in a note.


*Students will need an art smock. Dad's old dress shirt or t-shirt works best. Please  write your child's name on it.

We are very happy to accept donations of tissues, wipes and Purell throughout the year.