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Wednesday is the first full day, so please make sure your child eats a good breakfast! Students eat lunch in the cafeteria at 11:00. Students may bring lunch from home or pre-order lunch from the cafeteria. The cafeteria has a cash-less system.  Information was sent home in an instant alert.  Parents can order lunch via the school’s web site. Please check the school handbook for additional information. 

If your child has a food allergy, please send us a note on the first day. Please include the type of food allergy and if they need to sit at a peanut free table. Your child’s safety is of top priority to us.



Students will eat in the classroom around 1:00 every day. Please send in a healthy snack and only water. We are a nut free classroom (No Nutella). Please pack your child’s snack in a separate bag so it is not confused with their lunch. Please write your child’s name on his/her brown bags.