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Third Grade Class 2017-2018 Scarecrow Contest for the Physick Estate.


Ms. Sloan voting for the scarecrow 2017-2018



We had a guest vistor from the Cape May County Museum show us two hundred year old needlepoint from Cape May County.

She also taught us to stitch with canvas and thread!


Some students were enjoying the new reading area bench delvered in October!!!



Halloween 2017


More Halloween 2017!


Ms. Cooper did a cultural awareness lesson through art!


We went to Lower Cape May Regional High School to see a famous Zydeco Band in November!



We worked in teams to design and build bridges in November!


November 2017, Stone Soup Day! Ryder played the bongo drum for us!!!

We ate cornbread and homemade butter.

After reading Stone Soup, we all brought in items from home to make a real-life pot of Stone Soup!



December 15th Christmas Concert and Ornament Making Day at Lunch!




Right before Winter Break we had an amazing "Winter Wonderland Party"

Ms. did not take one picture! If you have any party pictures please email them to

Ms. Sloan at:

Thank you!


Mrs. Wickham found a few pictures of The Winter Wonderland Party!





Ms. Cake's Tuesday, Creativity/Writing Lab!


The Wetlands Institute came to our school and let us explore the tiny creatures and plants of our local wetland areas! January 2018!


We were able to learn about some nets and tools used to explore the wetland habitat.



February 2018

Ms. Sloan was given this beautiful bouquet of flowers for being an excellent teacher!


Starry Bear and Ms. Kayla Ennis from the Coast Guard Base came to visit us today.

She showed us a PowerPoint about how Starry Bear spends his day!


This is one of our third grade friends holding our Starry Bear mascot!

Check out the adorable USCG bling on his shirt!


 The Cape May Rotary Club donated dictionaries to our class on 2-28-18!



These students are making fans for fun!

We do not just have "Free Time" in third grade, we have, "Innovation Time!"

The students make their own choices of materials to play with during this time, and they can create, write, or draw anything they can imagine! See more below:

What an excellent way to innovate! This student is directing a play with her friends!


These students have decided to innovate by building a structurally sound tall tower with popsicle sticks! They are using STEAM strategies of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.









Thank you to Mrs. Scott, our very first Parent Show & Tell presenter this year!

Third grade will remember this St. Patrick's Day Cookie Decorating Lesson, for a long, long time!!



3-15-18 The month of March is full of fun and new experiences for a new spring season!

It was a great day for an Irish Jig!







It was also a great day for green hair!


Innovation Time on 3-16-18 made some amazing memories!

Using Jr. Snap Circuits the students followed directions to complete an electrical circuit to make a flying saucer! Look closely below to see the red flying saucer!




What great innovation! This student built a great robot design!

These students are using STEAM skills to explore rocks, microscope slides, and how to use the balance scale! This class loves having fun, and learning too!


Mr. Geskus amazed third grade with a presentation of the human spine! Everyone got to make their own gummy spine! Thank you Mr. Geskus, it was a special treat!




Bowling pictures are here! Yay!























Bowling and Pizza Day was so much fun!!! :)


On the half-day before Spring Break we dyed some beautiful eggs!



On April 13th, Mrs. Wickham showed us how to make playdough from cornstarch and hair conditioner!

It was fun and it smelled great!


We added food coloring to make it pretty!


Everyone loves to make playdough! Thank you to Mrs. Wickham!





Mrs. Ferguson came in to do some Karaoke and USA Puzzle fun with the class.


After Day 2 of PARCC Testing third grade had some shaving cream fun!





Shaving cream day was fabulous good, clean, fun!!!

Lots of laughter and smiles were had by all!


After PARCC we did some fun aerodynamic science!

The students learned how wing design and weight can change the way a plane flies, or does not fly!




Our class has some great engineers and designers!

These girls designed some cool glasses and necklaces!

Here are some other designers using blocks!


May 11, 2018!

Wow, what a great trip to The Rainforest Cafe in Atlantic City!!!

The kids and adults had so much fun!

We ate lunch in the mist of the rainforest!


Some of us were trying to catch the mist! Lol!


Wow, the ceiling looked so pretty with shooting stars flying across the sky!


We learned about gorillas and organutans!




 The sun was shining in our faces!





May 23rd The Triathalon!



May 30th, Indian Trail Farm pictures!


We saw a Pinto Pony!



This is a baby fainting goat!


Thank you to Mr. Jones for making us some delicious smoothies!



Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and ice cream made the best smoothie ever!


Mr. Jones had some wonderful helpers.