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Grade 3

Class Supply List


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to third grade at Cape May City Elementary School!


The third grade school supply list is as follows:


 If you shop from School Mall, the school gets a donation from your order. 


Thank you, Ms. Sloan


Grade 3


Class Supply List


Note: Many items will be community supplies, such as the dry erase markers, pencils, writing paper, and colored pencils. If any item you buy is personal to your child, they may keep it in their pencil box.



One Sturdy backpack, large enough for textbooks




One (3) inch binder, It must be able to stand up on the desk. We use these as test blockers, and notebooks.




One package of college ruled writing paper with three holes for binder




Two boxes #2 Pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)




One box of 12 Colored Pencils




Three glue sticks




One box of 16 or more crayons




One (4 pack) of dry erase markers (low odor) black or color




Three boxes of tissues




One refill type container of baby wipes, unscented




One regular sized plastic pencil box




One refillable water bottle to keep on their desk (optional)




Thank you for your cooperation!!!


Ms. Sloan