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The annual third grade "Polar Express" Party information can be found below!!! Please respond wtih a yes or no to let me know if you will attend. Also, I would like to know what food you will be bringing to the potluck! You do not have to bring anything!


All children will make an ornament with the adult that attends with them.


Students may wear or bring comfortable pajamas or sweatpants that day.

Normal shoes are required, no slippers!

Classroom News! 

 Third Grade 2018-2019

Hello kids is a fun holiday site for coloring and other activities!

is a new site we will be using in class during the Hour of Code! Check it out! Today we made a character dance party!


Create characters who will speak to each other, and discover new items.

If you would like a new coding challenge, click here:




New Spelling Words are up for Lesson 15! The test will be on Friday 12-21-18

Read to the bottom to see our weekly lesson topics, and monthly events too.


It's a Party!


You won't want to miss this party!!

Our holiday party will take place December 20th at 1:30 pm. It is a potluck! Parents are invited to attend, and bring a traditional holiday food item for the buffet table. The food item can be a sweet treat, or a crockpot meal item like mac and cheese! Please email me as soon as possible to let me know what you would like to bring! You will also be making an adorable ornament with your child!


So far we have the following items coming to the party! Email me, and I will add your item!

All items should arrive by Wednesday afternoon, unless they are hot items. Hot items can be brought when you arrive to the party! :)

An average of about 60 people will be in attendance.


1. Cheese stick snowpeople


2. Cupcakes


3. Yellow Rice


4. Veggies and Dip


5. Cornbread Casserole


6. Mexican Wedding Cookies/Snowballs


7. Christmas Cookies


8. Spam Musubi


9. Santa Brownies


10.  Meatballs



11.Chocolate Brownies



12. Cheese, Meat, and Cracker Tray



13. Gluten Free Cookies



14. Cookie Tray



Surfing Into Third Grade!


This year's classroom theme is tropical!


Welcome to Third Grade!


Please check the classroom memories tab weekly for updated classroom activity pictures!


Check your child's bookbag and agenda book each night. If you sign the agenda book each night your child has homework they will get a warm fuzzy to fill the jar toward a classroom party! Warm fuzzies are tiny pom poms that can be earned for answering a question, helping or being kind to others, and handing in extra neat homework.


Please check this website each night, if possible! I try to change it as much as I can, and it is a great way to stay involved in your child's education.


If you would like a Sunday text message for upcoming school events, please email me, or send me a note with your cell number!


Please read all the way to the bottom to see the homework schedule!


Love, Ms. Sloan



CREW Before & After Care 2018-2017!


CREW After Care will be available Monday through Friday, but you must sign up, and notify me, the office, and/or your child's teacher about attending the program. Just filling out the paperwork does not guarantee attendance. We must hear from you verbally, or by a written note.




Activities for the Week of November th:


Harcourt StoryTown

Lesson 14




Go Math

Moving Into Chapter 4!


Understand Multiplication

Basic Times Table Practice up to 12's

Distributive Property, Associative Property, and Patterns of Multiplication





Unit 4

December 2018


December NGSS Student Learning Standard: 3-LS4.C Adaptation For any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all. (3-LS4-3)

Unit 4:  Adaptations for Survival

Objective: Students will demonstrate a knowledge of organisms that have developed adaptations to survive.

SWBAT recognize the scientific vocabulary used in the adaptations unit, and identify environmental factors that caused a variety of plants or animals to make adaptations to survive.


  • Students will make a vocabulary word wall for adaptations, from Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • Students will use educational sites and videos to draw before and after adaptations of some plants and animals.
  • Students will learn about the biomes where the plants and animals live.
  • Students will make a matching game for animals, plants, and their adaptations.


  • Assessments: Student projects, quizzes




Unit 4

December 2018

December NJ Student Learning Standard: 6.1.4.D.20 Describe why it is important to understand the perspectives of other cultures in an interconnected world.


Unit 4:  Cultural Traditions in an Interconnected World

Objective: Students will demonstrate knowledge and appreciation for the many different cultural perspectives of those who have immigrated to America, and settled in New Jersey.

SWBAT use cultural holidays and family traditions to describe why it is important to understand the perspectives of other cultures in an interconnected world.


  • Students will learn about cultural holidays and traditions.
  • Students will research family countries of origin.
  • Students will read, The Keeping Quilt, by Patricia Polacco.
  • Students will make a paper quilt square with their families to represent their culture and traditions.


  • Assessments: Student projects, quizzes




There's an "APP" for that! Lol!

Cape May City Elementary has a phone app.

Search you phone's app store for, Cape May City Elementary!

My website can be found there too!





NOTE: If your child goes to reading and math classes with Mrs. McClure or Ms. Cooper they will not follow this homework routine.

All homework, spelling, writing, and math will come from those teachers, if your child attends their classes. Please see their websites, or information they send home.


Homework is given Monday through Friday for my core math and reading groups. In third grade homework is more about responsibility than specific academic topics. In order for students to gain that sense of responsibility the homework is completed in a repetitive cycle each week. This cycle also makes it easier to get homework done before or during absences or vacations. Until further notice the homework will be completed as follows:


Monday: Spelling words will be written on college ruled paper, three times each in pencil, and then each word will be traced in multiple colors. Only one color per word. We call this rainbow writing!


Tuesday: Sentences for words 1-8. Sentences should have capital letters, punctuation, and use third grade level vocabulary, as well as the spelling words of the week, which will be given to students in a paper copy.

  • The spelling lists will be posted every Sunday afternoon on the sidebar of this site.
  • If you would like to get a text message when the words are posted each Sunday, please email me with your cell number!

  • The words are on Spelling City, which has fun spelling games to play online.


Wednesday: Sentences for words 9-15, following the same rules as Tuesday.


Thursday: A math worksheet, usually related to the multiplication tables, or basic math operations.


Friday: No homework!


Monthly Events!


Classroom Party

Bring Your Favorite Potluck Holiday Treat!

December 20th @ 1:30 PM