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Language Arts

 Classes are still be established. Please check back soon!



Classes are still being established. Please check back soon!



Games to play at home.

I try and find simple games with little to no set-up or materials.


Number Comparisons


While waiting for food at a restaurant count the sugar packets or jelly packets. Sort them and see if your child can identify which group has more or less or even the same amount of items. Before you know it your food will arrive.


Letter Identification

Letter Hunt

On an index card or use the letter cards that came home (if you want more please let me know I can get them to you ASAP) hang the letters that we have been working in the classroom. Place the letter in silly places for your child to find. For example: Place a word in the pocket of their jacket, on the mirror in the bathroom, taped to the outside of a snack, in their shoe, etc. These funny places will surely get a giggle and make your child excited to find more words and to read them.


Print Concepts

Read, Read, Read

Nothing promotes print concept awareness better than sharing a book together. When reading aloud, point to the words as you read, have your child turn the pages so they are engaged in the story, talk about the pictures and how it relates to what you just read.