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 Knitting Club

(Advisors:  Mrs. Palamaro and Dr. Jones)



Knitting Club's Mission:

Our mission is to build positive relationships while learning a life-long hobby to be passed on to future generations. The ‘Knitters’ will learn basic knitting - the English style. This is the most common method of knitting in this country, and is the easiest for kids to learn. 
Why Knitting:
Knitting is a way to share a hobby, laughter and companionship. This handcrafted tradition teaches persistence, concentration, perfects fine motor skills, and builds self-confidence. Knitting is a rewarding hobby that can be shared with anyone.
Our Hope and Focus:
We hope to build a stronger sense of community, while engaging our learning community in a tradition that can be passed on for generations. As the ‘Knitters’ produce a product for themselves, we hope to eventually make scarf and hat donations to our local charities. 
Getting Started:
Each student will need to purchase their own needles. You can find size 10 needles and your choice of yarn (thicker is best for beginners) at local department stores such as AC Moore, Michaels, or Walmart. The program will be offered once a week during the 5th period lunch (11:15-11:55) to all interested students in 5th through 8th grade.


Suggested website to find easy to follow videos on knitting basics:



 The Knitting Club meets Fridays in the Media Center
during lunch and recess.
Last year's knitting project:
* Create "plarn" from recylced plastic shopping bags
*Crochet the plarn into mats
*Donate the mats to a homeless shelter