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(Written Report)


For the Greek Project this year, you will “become” a god or goddess.  Use the questions below to help in your research of your god/goddess.


  1.  Name of your god/goddess?
  2. For each “Greek” god/goddess – there is also a “Roman” god/goddess – what is the Roman name for your god/goddess?
  3. Family tree?  Who are they related to?
  4. Where does the character come from? 
  5. What are the superhuman qualities, strengths or talents he/she possesses?
  6. What symbols represent your god/goddess?
  7. What are the personality quirks or flaws?
  8. Give a brief summary of the myth related to your god/goddess.
  9. What  is the outcome of the story.
  10. What moral lesson does he/she teach (if any?)



Below is a list of websites you may use to obtain information on your God/Goddess            Ancient Greece Hotlist:    Mythology

contains an encyclopedia, highlights several gods and heroes

contains myths (stories) and background on select gods

encyclopedia; charts attributes, symbols, etc. of gods

Elementary readings of select gods




(Oral Presentation)



You will be responsible for presenting your god/goddess to the entire sixth grade class.


For your presentation you will dress in costume to represent/mimic your god/goddess.


You will be graded on Public Speaking:

  • Clear
  • Loud
  • Eye contact
  • Body posture


You will receive a separate grade for costume:

  • Props
  • Clothing
  • Overall Appearance
  • Dramatics