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Book Club Choice Menu Projects

Comic Strip
Create a 10-12 framed comic strip. At least one sentence and picture per frame.
Rap Song
Write a 20 line song. Include elements of the novel.
Character Poster
Pick one character from the novel. Create a detailed poster report about that character.
You will write commercial for a product that a character in your novel would promote.
Extra Extra
You will write a front page newspaper article about your novel.
Grocery Bag
Create a grocery bag filled with element items from your novel.
Who Are You?
You will become a character from the novel. Dress up like your character and answer audience questions.
Must write out a script and act it out. You may use peers in your same club. You will perform in front of your classmates.
The Big Story
Dress up as a newscaster and give the Big Story using the elements from the novel.
Treasure Chest
You will create a treasure chest in place the special pieces from the novel into your treasure chest.
Using the templates provided you will write a tasty book report. Each sandwich ingredient will reflect a different element.
Create a tombstone and write an obituary on a character from your novel.