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Welcome to Language Arts and Social Studies!
Sixth Grade Social Studies focuses on Ancient Civilizations from the Stone Age Era to The Golden Ages of Greece. My students will participate in many projects from Cave Paintings to Creating Hierglyphic Writing to Chinese New Year to the Greek Olympics!
LAL Curriculum is now not only a Basil Reading Program, but a Book Club method as well.  The students will be using a basil titled Prentice Hall Literture in which we will focus on fiction, nonfiction, short stories, types of nonfiction, and drama. Literature opens minds. It should also open doors to a student's future. This program is a comprehensive literacy program that teaches the new standards and helps students become better readers, writers, and thinkers so that they are better prepared for college, careers, and beyond. Writing, speaking, and listening are also intregrated thoughout the Prentice Hall Literature text with rigorous, robust skill instruction that takes students to the next level of mastery. This curriculum is based upon New Jersey's Sixth Grade Common Core Standards. 
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