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Small Groups: This is a time for the children to practice the fundamentals of learning while in a small group setting.  Students will work with the teacher or aide to work on skills such as: solving problems, learning to recognize the alphabet letters and their sounds, rhyming, taking turns, counting, recognizing numerals, making patterns, and so much more!


Choice Time: The classroom is divided into different areas, such as art, building, dramatic play, sand/water, science, writing, and manipulatives.  During choice time, students explore concepts of the day while building creativity, math, vocabulary, and problem solving skills.


Story time: As they enjoy a wide variety of wonderful children's stories, the children develop thinking and language skills. They predict, retell, recall, act out, and make connections to the stories.


Outside/Gross Motor Play: The children run, skip, jump, hop, throw, kick, climb, and engage in other large group activities to promote physical health and develop large motor skills.


Snack Time: As they sit together to enjoy wholesome food, children learn proper eating habits and table manners. Students also practice serving others and cleaning up after themselves. Snack and lunch time are a wonderful time to practice turn taking in conversation as well.


Large Group Roundup: At the end of the day, the children gather together to talk about what they have learned.





"It is a curiosity, the drive to make sense out of something in our surroundings, that causes children to reach out, touch, and wonder, and it is curiosity that moves scientists to do the very same thing." 

                                                                                             - Joseph Ambruscato