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Hillside Intermediate School Library

Mrs. Attanasio - Librarian

2023 ~ 2024




 welcome back



Welcome to Hillside Fifth graders


Welcome Back Sixth graders! 


I am so excited to see you all!  


My HOPES for this year are:



1. That you find joy and knowledge in reading books and other materials.

2. That you build knowledge of research strategies (accuracy, relevance, credibility) and the research process. 

3. That the Hillside Library is a safe learning environment that builds curiosity, trust and respect, which allows you to express your thoughts and ideas, build relationships, and practice collaboration.


I'm looking forward to working with all of you this year!




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Contact information:

Mrs. Attanasio - Media Specialist

[email protected] 





We will teach them One and All


Young to Old and Big to Small


Inspire, engage and educate


 Improve our world and make it great


 Challenge All to grow, exceed


 So one day they will take the lead…