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     Welcome to my website for sixth grade Language Arts and Reading classes. Please use this website as a tool to check for upcoming tests, projects, and quiz updates. Please make sure you are checking your particular class. I am available each day before and after school for extra help in my classroom.
     I was hired in 2000 at Brigantine North Middle School as a Language Arts and Reading teacher, and I am always here to help my students and parents have a successful school year. My students are always welcome to stop in and receive extra help.
****In the event that school will be closed, please visit my Google Classroom and then your assigned class. Assignments will be posted daily and dated for each day that we are not here, and will be graded on the 100 grading point scale system. Zoom links for live teaching will also be posted (depending on the situation.)

Mrs. Boffa's Sixth Grade Classes
Class Rules, Grading, and Policies -
*All assignments are due the day after they are assigned for daily assignments. Assignments are not taken late for half credit-unless the student is absent when the work is collected or checked. If the student is present, the work must be completed and turned in in order to get full credit.
*Tests/projects- a rubric or study guide will be given prior to the test or project.
*All absent work will be given to the student upon their return. Students have as many days as they are absent to complete the missed work. Any work not completed will turn into no credit.
*Projects not turned in the day they are due will be dropped an entire letter grade for each day they are late, but students may still turn in projects late for lesser points.
*I do not take late homework assignments; unless the student is absent the day the work is assigned
*All tests, quizzes, and projects must be signed and returned. This will count as a hw grade.

Class rules-
1.stay in seat
2.raise hand to speak-no calling out gum chewing
4.if a student is late to class, a late pass must be present upon arrival
5.respect others with comments and actions

Behavior policy
*deficiencies sent home when missing three or more assignments, poor behavior, or two or more poor test or quiz grades
*phone calls home when needed. Deficiencies must be signed and returned to the teacher.
*e-mails and Class Dojo messages sent home when needed
*notes sent home when needed
*detention given after school on designated day with teacher 
*sent to the office if needed
*written up and sent to main office if needed

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