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The General Music Class in 1st and 2nd grades will meet with me one day for the entire year.  All students will learn to play a variety of percussion instruments with an emphasis on proper playing technique as well as an introduction to reading music. Students will also learn about music from a variety of world cultures.  


The General Music Class in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades meet with me one or more days a week for the entire year.  All of the students in my music class learn to play the keyboard, with a strong emphasis on reading music.  Students also learn about music history and listen to a wide variety of different styles of music.

The 8th grade has two classes available.


Music Theory – the focus of this class is reading, writing and performing music.  The class is percussion based giving the students the opportunity to create songs for a verity of percussion instruments.  The class is set up to help students become more comfortable performing in front of a group.  This is an important skill set that will help the students in other classes, as well as future employment. 


Music Appreciation - Students will learn about the history of popular music, how the music they listen to today became popular.  Students will also have an opportunity to play the keyboards, ukulele and/or guitar.   


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