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The General Music Class in 1st and 2nd grades will meet with me for one marking period during the year.  The students will have the opportunity to play many different types of percussion instruments.  Students will sing songs, and learn the basics of reading music.  Each class students have the opportunity to win a "Drum Solo Ticket," by following instructions and participating in music appropriately.  When a student is selected for a "Drum Solo Ticket," they get to come up in front of the class and play a solo on one of the special percusson instruments.  


The General Music Class in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades will meet with me for one marking period during the year.  All of the students in my music class learn to play the keyboard, with a strong emphasis on reading music.  Students also learn about music history and listen to a wide variety of different styles of music.  

The 8th grade has two classes available.


Music Theory – the focus of this class is reading, writing and performing music.  The class is percussion based giving the students the opportunity to create songs for a verity of percussion instruments.  The class is set up to help students become more comfortable performing in front of a group.  This is an important skill set that will help the students in other classes, as well as future endeavors outside of school. 


Music Appreciation - Students will learn about the history of popular music, how the music they listen to today became popular.  Students will also have an opportunity to play the keyboards, ukulele and/or guitar.   


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