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Music From Home 


Here are some activities that you and your family can participate in to have some fun with music.  


  • Go online to - Click the games tab and try the rhythm game. Listen to the rhythm sample, then click the drum to play it back. (This website has many other games and lessons you can check out.)
  • Dance Party - Put music on for the family to enjoy and dance to it.  (Bonus if adults dance too!)
  • Sing a Song - Sing some songs together as a family. 
  • Music Mad Libs - Take a song like “Marry had a Little Lamb” and change the nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then try to sing the song without laughing.  (ex. Larry had a giant squirrel, giant squirrel, giant squirrel. Larry had a giant squirrel, who chased and scared his mom.) 
  • Homemade Music Instruments - Make a music instrument with items from around your house.  Look online for some great ideas.  


 Have fun with music!