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Welcome to Brigantine North School Visual Arts.  My name is Kelly Grimley and beginning my  19th year of teaching. I graduated from Stockton University in 1999 with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education as well as Visual Arts.  I was a classroom teacher for five years before I began teaching middle school art.  I absolutely love teaching art and inspiring young minds everyday!
This year will be filled with fun, enthusiasm, and lots of learning!  Fifth through Seventh Grade will have Art for one marking period, five days a week.  The Eighth Grade classes are elective courses that will be meeting everyday for one whole marking period.  Throughout the term you will utilize the elements and principles of design in discussing art history and creating art.  Each year I like to build on lessons we've had in the past.  For example, in 5th Grade our first drawing project is a lesson on contour drawing... in 6th Grade I introduce figure drawing... in 7th Grade it's creating portraits.... and finally in 8th Grade we
do very cool typography value drawings. 
Participation is very important, and in every class you are expected to do your BEST!
Please check my website or Google Classroom for updated assignments incase of a prolonged closure.