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In Sixth Grade will begin with a unit on Color Theory.  The students will begin by creating a color wheel incorporating primary, secondary, and intermediate colors.  We also be learning about the value scale using white and black to create incremental swatches of various shades and tints of one color.  I will also introduce complementary, and analogous colors.  The information introduced in this unit will be essential as the students will only be provided the three primary colors plus black and white for all painting projects. 
It is important that students understand the concepts of color as it will be dominant theme for many of their projects and will often have a great influence on their artistic decisions. 
At the end of the unit and after their projects are complete, students will be tested in their knowledge and understanding of Color Theory. 

Please check my website or Google Classroom for student assignments incase of a prolonged closure.




 Color Theory powerpoint.pptx 


 Color Theory study guide.docx