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Helping Your Child Find "Just Right" Books and Media
Are you concerned with the books your child is choosing?  A fellow Adamsville parent shared this fantastic site with me which gives you some control over what your child is reading:
Once you register, you can look up titles to see reviews and browse reviewed titles based on your child's age.  Not only does this give you a break-down of what the book or media is about, but it will also give you talking points for discussing the book or topics that are relevant to it.  This is a remarkable resource for parents that should not go overlooked!




Converting Reading Levels

There are many different measures of reading levels.  Here is a helpful chart to help you make sense out of what you learned at conference time!  Use the chart to help your child search for E-books on my E-book page that correspond to the correct reading level for reading practice time.  You can also use this information to search for just right books using Destiny, our Library Catalog.  


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