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Art Survey

Mrs. Acton


Course Description:  Art survey is an introductory course offering students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of various art processes.  Students will learn the elements and principals of art as well as new skills in technique, craftsmanship, and building ideas.  This course covers a wide range of art experiences including blind- contour and modified contour drawing, charcoal drawing, color theory, papier-mâché, collage, perspective drawing, printmaking, portraiture, clay project.  All required assignments are expected to be completed.  Incomplete assignments* will lower grades*.

Student’s final grade for this class will be determined by averaging class *assignments (60% of final grade), sketchbook assignments (10%), quizzes (2%) and final exam (20%). 

 *Grades will be on a point system for each assignment.  This point scale will be based on effort, work ethic, building on original ideas and execution of those ideas.  




1st Quarter/ September-November or Feb.-June


  • Blind contour/Modified contour drawing

  • Nature Journaling

  • Pumpkin drawings

  • Still-life drawing

  • Perspective drawing


2nd Quarter/ November-January 25- or Feb. June


  • Mixed Media 2D Assignment

  • Printmaking

  • Self-portraits(watercolor)

  • Bas-relief architectural clay tile.