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Welcome to Science Class!


Please look under "Open House 2020" in the menu for important beginning-of-the-year information for parents and students!



Daily Schedule

**During COVID Phase 2, we will be following the Friday schedule every day.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:32-9:10 Chemistry Physics Chemistry Physics
9:12-10:48 Chemistry Planning Chemistry Planning
10:51-12:26 Chemistry Robotics Chemistry Robotics
12:26-12:51 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:54-2:29 Planning Chemistry Planning Chemistry

7:32-8:18 Chemistry
8:21-9:07 Physics
9:10-9:56 Chemistry
9:59-10:45 Planning
10:48-11:34 Chemistry
11:37-12:02 Lunch
12:05-12:51 Robotics
12:54-1:40 Planning
1:43-2:29 Chemistry

Google Classroom Links:

Chemistry 1st—fzkmox5
Chemistry 3rd—hnvv3nr
Chemistry 5th—vl3ydui
Chemistry 8th—kxxbvax
Physics 2nd—5midnl4
Robotics 6th—w2nttrt



Grades disclaimer: Parents and students, please note that you should only use PowerSchool to see an accurate grade calculation, as we use weighted grades in high school. I may enter grades in Google Classroom to track performance and participation, but once transferred to PowerSchool, the category weights will take effect. PowerSchool is accurate, not Google Classroom!


Email Ms. Hill at [email protected] with any questions.




Ms. Hill’s Chemistry—ef98dg4
Ms. Hill’s Physics—eebkfe
Ms. Hill’s Robotics—f9e66e
STEM Club—edaa929


For any questions or comments, I can be reached at [email protected]. You can also contact the office to schedule a conference at any time.



Yvette Davidson Hill

[email protected]