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Hook, Line, and "Thinker"....Untangling Our Thoughts with Thinking Maps!






Defining Map-used for brainstorming and listing


Scarecrow Circle map

Describing Map-describing using adjectives


Mud Bubble Map! Yay more anchor charts! Love this! Farm theme!


Compare/Contrast Map-used for finding similarities and differences between two items/objects

Compare and contrast addition and subtraction with a double bubble map!


 Classifying Map-sorting


Whole to Part Map-finding parts of a whole object



Sequencing Map-sequencing the order of events (beginning, middle, end)



Did a flow map for apple pie last year!  Maybe we will actually make some applesauce at school... in a crockpot?



Cause and Effect Map-use to find the causes and effects of an effect.



Seeing Analgies-finding relationships between two items/objects using the key words-as/just like. You read the top word, then the relatin factor and finally you read the bottom word.

For example: fluctuate means the same as change.


W.O.W. (word of the week bridge map)