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Frequently Asked Questions





How can I help my child at home?


Review the material with him/her on this web site or in the French folder. This web site will be updated daily with activities made in the classroom, web sites linked used in the classroom and with all assignments for your child.
The importance is not for YOU to understand, but rather for them to practice. Have them sing, recite a dialogue to you, describe a picture or discuss the meaning of their project. The fact that you don't know French shouldn't interfere with their practice.



How do I know if he/she does his homework?



Fifth and Sixth grades do not have formal written work. They are to sing songs and practice dialogues. Seventh grades and up DO have projects at home and must submit regular written exercises. Assignments will be listed on the Home and Events page. Please help your child keep up with his planner.


What happens in college?



Freshmen are requested to have foreign language credits to enroll in college, otherwise, each must go though costly and time consuming remedial classes. Two credits in foreign languages make your child eligible to reach the Reach College Financing Program. It is a requirement to earn credits to receive this student grant.



Why are students not speaking French at home?



It is a matter of reference. Yes, they know the language but they also know YOU are not a French speaker; therefore, it makes no sense to use French with you. Also, they don't communicate with you using the same vocabulary or subjects they use with their peers at school. Consider asking them a precise question about what they did in school rather than asking a general statement such as, "Say something in French!"