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French Program at Maurepas High School

7th Grade, French I and French II 
Parental Information

What is it about?

The French Program is an elective class that provides students with the possibility to discover a new language as well as another culture. It is a new approach to new material that provides them with their first contact of the French language and culture. The full curriculum is covered in five years of study; however, the program structure mandates that 7th grade students, to be  enrolled in French I during 8th grade, need to have a 3.5 overall GPA, a final grade of A in 7th grade French and a minimum of 2 years French in grade 5-7.

Fourth, fifth and sixth grade programs cover speaking and listening skills with no involved text. Every lesson is managed as an open, oral conversation, using every day life as well as classroom vocabulary. Booklets are provided from the Acti-Vie Method, approved by the school board. Seventh grade curriculum concentrates on reading and writing skills, using high school books. Students are involved in workbook, video, and Internet activities, with numerous projects, such as magazine reading, cultural presentation, and foreign guest speakers.


Curriculum and Standards


As a new approach in Foreign Language Teaching, the Conversational Interactive Method is actively used. What seems to be completely different becomes natural and spontaneous. The language is a useful communication tool to make verbal contact within the classroom and the outside world of French speaking people.
Students learn French the same way they learned English at home during their early years, which was merely by being around English-speaking people who speak to them.
The Louisiana Department Of Education has put forth a serious effort to develop and implement this Foreign Language Program. Standards, Benchmarks, Foundation Skills, and Standardized tests were issued. Communication, Problem Solving, Resource Access and Utilization, Linking and Generating Knowledge, and Citizenship are all part of the foundation of the class and permit numerous links with other classes. French Class is about culture, discipline skills, and high achievement



Class Activities?


Everyday use of words is key. From the date to the time of the day, from greeting to discussions about the weather, from news comments to personal conversations with friends, all activities have their own meaning. Conversation within the classroom is a big part of the curriculum, thus, all conversations are done in French. 
Standards are achieved by dialogue-building, games, song-learning, role-playing and board games.



The sixth grade focus is on introduction and basic conversation as well as developing orientation and information seeking skills.
The seventh grade is introduced to all of the above with emphasis on writing.

Striving for the highest level of communication,  students will use all media possible.