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Welcome to

Ms. Smith's Class


        School is closed till April 14th. During this time, if you would like to have your student practicing skills that are important to 3rd grade there are links to math practice on the right. 




  • Study and learn multiplication & division facts.
  • Work on addition and subtraction facts. 
  • Have your student practice tellling time on analog clocks. 
  • Ask them to find out how much time passed (elapsed time) from the start to finish of a task. 
  • Practice making fractions that are equal with playdough or other materials.
  • Play Prodigy! This is a math game that is entertaining, but also builds math knowledge. 
  • READ, READ, READ!!! Read is important in all subject areas, please have them practice reading. 
  • Watch animal programs about animal habitats, adaptations, and traits.


                     **If you need me at this time, I am a Remind message away. Feel free to text me. **




         If you need to contact me please feel free to text, email, call, or send a note with your child. If you need to meet in person, please contact me before hand, so we can schedule a meeting. 

Be Respectful,
Active Learners,
Kind word toward other. 

Just a few REMINDERS:

Check homework folders daily for: conduct, notes, and assignments.
    Please remove papers on the KEEP side of your childs folder.

Test papers go home on Wednesdays. Please review, sign, and return them by Friday.

    Students that don't return signed papers by Friday will receive a conduct mark.

 Review Math 4 Today & Fluency to prepare for Weekly Quizzes.  Students can review Module classwork to prep for major assessments. (Books must return to school daily.)

Students should also read for 20 minutes each night and particpate in AR.