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 Welcome to 7th and 8th-Grade Language Arts!



Dear Parents and Students:


We have worked so hard this year to prepare for state testing and most of the students grieved with me on Friday when we thought that we would not be able to do state testing and earn number one in the parish.


Well, from what we’ve been told, we will get to take LEAP when we get back! The students will be able to earn rewards for next year by scoring high on the tests again. To prepare for this, we are going to keep doing what we’ve been doing. Keep up the good work! We’ve got this! We will be number one again!


Review your “English Rules Study Guide”

Work on skills on Moby Max; you know what skills you need most.

Read AR books.


7th-grade red textbook:

  • What Do Fish Have to Do with It, p. 339, a-l, 4-7
  • A Crush, p. 362 a-g, 4-8
  • LEAP review
    • p. 166-171 Plot and Conflict
    • p. 294-299 Character and point of view
    • p.428-433 Theme
    • p.532-537 Theme and mood
    • p.616-621 Poetry
    • p.744-749 Myths
    • p.858-861 Biography
    • p. 956-961 Persuasion, Argument and information


8th-grade green textbook:

  • Us and Them, p. 717 a-h, 5, 6
  • LEAP review
    • p.152-157 Plot and conflict
    • p.300-305 Character and point of view
    • p.432-437 Setting and mood
    • p.566-571 Theme and mood
    • p.656-661 Poetry
    • p.750-755 Voice and tone
    • p. 868-873 Author’s purpose
    • p. 952-955 Facts and Information
    • p. 1024-1029 Argument and Persuasion




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Dialogue punctuation


there, their, they're: They're not the same.