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Peggy Lewis

Carroll Jr. High School

7th & 8th Grade Girls P.E.
Phone: 322-1683 ext. 2028

Email: [email protected]t


Carroll Jr. High School

               Health and Physical Education Department   

Parent/ Guardian

ALL students are required to have a Physical Education uniform , which can be purchased in the office at the price of $20.00.  Students are also required to wear socks and tennis shoes.

ALL students are required to dress out daily, unless informed otherwise.  Failure to dress out without a valid excuse will result in the loss of grade points.  Students are held responsible for showing their excuses. Students who are excused MUST DRESS OUT, but will not have to participate.  Students who do not dress out at all will automatically fail.  Students are given 100 points at the beginning of each week with 5-20 points being deducted if any of the following occur:

                  1. FAILURE TO DRESS OUT (10PTS.)
                  2. FAILURE TO PARTICIPATE( 10 pts.)
                  3. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES( 10 pts.)


                  5. TARDIES

                  6. MISCONDUCT




A.  When medically excused from gym class, a note from a doctor is required, but students must dress out.


B.  Parents may write an excuse for a child for a minor injury or sickness for no more than two consecutive days.( Student will  be required to dress out, but will not have to participate) After two consecutive days, a doctor's note is required


C. If a student develops a pattern of not drssing out and/or excuses , the parent will be notified.

Students will start dressing out August 22nd in T-shirt and basketball shorts or their PE uniform  (grading will began on this date). All students are requied to began wearing their uniforms on September 6, 2022. Students who do not have their uniform by this date will not longer be allowed to dress out which will lead to a failing grade. To help curtail THEFT, lockers will be assigned (upon request) to be used during PE only. Students must bring their own locks to secure the locker.



****** ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES ARE ALLOW ON A STUDENTS PERSON. THE STUDENT MUST PUT IN HIS OR HER BACKPACK OR PUT IT IN THE PHONE HOLDER PROVIDED.  *****    If rules are broken, the phone will be confiscated and taken to the office!!!!!!


1.  Students who do not dress out will not be allowed to enter the dressing room and will stand the entire period (Both inside and outside).
2.  Absolutely no PROFANITY
3.  NO picks or combs in hair and no grooming outside the locker room.
4.  No writing on the bleachers, walls, or locker room wall and lockers.
5.  Take care of your personal needs before the class leaves the dressing room.  You will NOT be allowed to go back unless it is an emergency.
6.  Students are to remain on their designated side.
7  .Only After receiving permission from the PE teacher,  a student who is ill will be allowed to dress out and sit down.
8.  Students must be dressed out in the ENTIRE correct uniform and tennis.

9. No gum or candy.

10. No jewelry- watches, rings, bracelets, long earrings, or chains will be permited during the physical education activ

11. Long hair- tied back.


 1.  Verbal warning

2. REFOCUS:  A 5, 10, or 15 minute time-out 

3. Student will dress in and receive and F for the day.  If student is not dressed, additional points will be deducted from grade.

4.  Call parents

5.  Severe Clause:  Level II and III violations of student handbook**Go directly to the Dean of Students Office**


1. Positive behavior rewards

2. Free dress day ( PE Only)

3. Good grade in Physical Education

4. Choice Activity Day (Friday Only)

5. Positive phone call made to parents

A=  100-93
B=  92-85
C=  84-78
D=  77-67   
F=  66-0
If you have any questions and would like to schedule a Parent/ Teacher conference, please feel free to do so by calling 322-1683 ext 2028 . The students are not expected to be great athletes.  The only thing that is expected is that students dress out and TRY