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Websites Used in Class can be accessed through the first website  Google memorizes the students login and passwords.  In the upper right hand corner students can click there and login using their chromebook user name and password. Once they are logged into their google account, students can pull up any website used in class and google will remember their user name and password.


Please Read:  If you right click on any of these links you can choose to open these sites in another window or in another tab.  Clicking on the link directly will open the link in oncourse and may not work correctly. - Login in here using the login and password you would use to login into your chromebook 

access these sites through google and google will remember your passwords - Knowledge on the Go - This site provides links to Eureka, PhDScience and Wit and Wisdom video lessons - Zearn Math Lessons - iReady Login - Reflex Math - Study island - Brain pop - Dice games - Please visit Newton's classroom or take an iLeap compatible test - School website