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Ways to reach me:

 Join me on Remind:  text @38hhe76f9a to the number 81010

Classroom extension: 909-3237 (this will role to voice mail, please

leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP)

email: [email protected]

Daily google meet link:

If the camera is OFF I am there just talk to me, if the camera is on

and you do not see me, I have left the room for a moment but I will be returning


Recommended Daily Schedule for Students

Self Pacing:
Math - 90 minutes

Reading - 90 minutes

Science - 45-60 minutes

Social Studies - 45-60 minutes

Language/Spelling - 30 minutes

P.E. - 30 minutes

Stem - 30 minutes

iReady - 1 lesson daily alternating between reading and math