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Chromebook Rules and Consequences





1. Chromebooks should come to school each and everyday charged, in the case provided, with the charger.

2. Only visit school appropriate websites.
3. No music videos or non-educational YouTube videos.
4. No inappropriate pictures; please ask permission before taking pictures of classmates.
5. All emails must be school related. Others will not be tolerated.
6. All student emails must be sent before 8:00 pm or they will not be answered until the following day.
7. If you send an email to a teacher about an academic question, please check for a response before school the next day.
8. Please use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in all of your emails. This is not a text message!
9. If you do not want the principal to read it, don't write it!
10. The chromebook is school property.  Please treat them with respect.  They are a privilege, not a rite. 
Chromebook Consequences
The misuse of the chromebook in any way will result in consequences.
Violation #1: Note home to parents which will be signed and returned. If the note is not returned, parent will be notified by phone. 
Violation #2: Loss of chromebook for 1 day and a note will go home. 
Violation #3: Loss of chromebook for 3 days, chromebook will be kept in school, and a note will go home.
*Any further violations, the principal will be notified.*