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Related Services


A student shall be determined eligible and classified “eligible for special education and related services” when: 

1. The student has one or more of the disabilities defined in 6A:14-3.5(c)1-14; 

2. The disability adversely affects the student’s educational performance; and 

3. The student is in need of special education and related services


Related services are provGided when a child demonstrates a defecit as determined by evaluations conducted by specialists. These services include but are not limited to; Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling/Art Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy. These services are provided during the school day and are administered by certificated staff members. The frequency and duration of services are determined on an individual basis. 


For more information please contact the Essex Fells School Distrit Related Service Providers:


Speech and Language

Laurie Fischer, MA, CCC-SLP, ATP



Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor Skills)

Sue Miscia, OTR


Physical Therapy (Gross Motor Skills)

Gina Zaccaria


Art Therapy

Rebecca Santin, MA, ATR-BC, LAC, NCC


Behavioral Therapy

Meg Lipper, MA, BCBA